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No, we are not joking. We want to offer five businesses a brand new website and measure the change in performance and conversions.

Let's face it; there is a lot of bad websites out there. Many of which are typical "do-it-yourself" types of websites.

Building your website can be cool and all, but if your core business is something different, you're probably better off letting someone like Hotkey develop your website.

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Why we are doing this

We are going to prove a point. Yeah, we're so confident in our abilities to create great results online that we can guarantee it.

If you have a crappy website, you will not convert customers. If you do not know how to create a good marketing campaign, you will probably lack traffic on your site, and most likely, you are not aware of the effect SEO can have on your online conversion rate.

Yes, we know that a custom-made website can be expensive, and those small business owners think that a self-made website will be good enough. But what we also know is that the business owner probably doesn't understand how much business he loses on having a bad-performing website.

This campaign or case study will make us lose money in the short term. But let's be clear, this is also a marketing campaign in itself for Hotkey. So in our mind, by lowering our prices to a minimum, we consider it as marketing spend.

After the fact, we will create blog posts showing the performance increase of different businesses we have helped. If your business is spending money on a good website and marketing campaign, you will get a good ROI (return of investment).  

Why are you not doing it free of charge?

First of all, because we want commitment from the customer, we would probably attract the wrong audience if we gave custom-made websites away for free.

The commitment from the customer is critical if we're going to succeed with this. Suppose the customer thinks that we will make a new website and then suddenly, online conversions skyrocket, think again.

The customer has to do a bit of work themselves, both in content and marketing. We will be there to advise them, but we will not consider this a success if the customer cannot replicate the results in the future.

It's like learning someone to fish instead of just giving them the fish. But to do this, the customer has to be interested in learning a few new skills.

Only available for Norwegian businesses

This time around, we will only target Norwegian businesses. But if this "concept "is a success and we get many requests from other parts of the world, we would be happy to do another round.

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