Looking for an AI writer that creates quality content for you?

Writr.ai is a new AI writing assistant that acts as your co-writer, simplifying your content creation. Generating content with an AI is the future for hobbyists, solopreneurs, bloggers, startups, or larger corporations that are serious about creating a high volume of fresh content.

AI writer tool from Writr.ai - AI content genrator
Writr.ai - an new AI writing software that uses Artificial Intelligence to generate content.

Writr.ai is a new AI writing assistant that acts as your co-writer, simplifying your content creation. Generating content with an AI is the future for hobbyists, solopreneurs, bloggers, startups, or larger corporations that are serious about creating a high volume of fresh content.

What is an AI writer?

An AI writer is a computer program that creates text. It uses Artificial Intelligence to produce new text based on your input or the context of the text you are working on.

You can use it to generate unique article drafts or stuff for content marketing. It sounds pretty boring, but actually, it's quite enjoyable. The most common use-case to use some AI-based writing assistant is to get ideas for marketing copy or get unstuck from writer's block while writing long-form content.

AI writing is one of those things that, if once learned and tried, you will never want to live without it. At least if you are a copywriter. Content writing is hard. Anyone that has ever done it will tell you that.

As a content writer myself, I was blown away by how easy I could generate articles, product descriptions, SEO-friendly content, social media posts, and more. But using an AI writer demands a little effort on your part to make it work efficiently.

AI content generator

Since the introduction of GPT-3, various tools for content writing have been released. Most popular is copywriting for marketing, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter posts, and more.

screenshot from Writr.ai - Quick create content
Ai Text Generator: Writr.ai has several quick-create tools.

In the beginning, there was a lot of hype around small tools that could generate headlines for blogs, but there was no real alternative for creating quality content for longer-formed formats such as blogs or articles. Lately, this has changed as writr.ai has released a pro-editor with a set of AI tools built directly into the editor itself.

Screenshot from Writr.ai Pro Editor
Screenshot from Writr.ai Pro Editor that makes it easy to create content on the fly

These tools let you give the AI instructions on what content you want it to create for you, which provides you with much more flexibility in your content creation than other brands that focus mainly on making a lot of small AI copywriting tools.

Ai text generation - is it any good?

There is a lot of excitement about the possibilities for AI-generated text. Some people believe that it could eventually lead to computers that can write convincingly in any style. This would have a massive impact on many areas, including education, journalism, and marketing.

Despite much hype in the media, AI is still very far from creating high-quality written content without a human being supervising it. While the AI can write small chunks of text, it is still very far from creating more complex content, like a whole article or blog post on its own. It can do just that, but it is far from what you as a reader will call high-quality content.

In my own experience, I can't imagine a life without using our AI writer, both for our clients and myself. We use it to write blogs, produce content for social networks (Facebook / Twitter), create website descriptions and articles. Our AI writer writes this blog post; I just put the piece through a revision process and changed small things here and there.

Here is an example of generated content:

Input to AI:
Write me an intro to a blog post about an AI writing tool:

Output from AI:
"If you're a writer, there's a good chance you've heard of or even tried out AI writing tools. But what are they? How do they work? And can they help improve your writing skills?"

How to use an AI writer effectively?

Most people do not understand utilizing an AI text generator to create high-quality content effectively.

The key to getting the AI writing tool of your choice to generate usable content is to learn how the AI itself works.

Our experience is that users don't read any instructions. They tend to dive into the software and start using it without knowing how the technology works. This leads to frustration and poor results with the generated text.

The following section contains valuable tips on how AI writers work and how to get the most out of them to avoid making this mistake.

Here are a few helpful tips before you get started with AI writing tools

Read the documentation. Yeah, I hear you. Not exactly the most exciting thing to do, but the truth is you will get much better results if you read about how each of these AI tools works. The documentation briefly explains what makes that particular technology tick and usually teaches you how to use it properly.

If you don't fancy reading, at Writr, we have made a few short explainer videos that explain how our AI tools work and what you can do with them.

Explainer video of Writr.ai - Creating headings & titles with AI.

Would you pilot a plane without proper training? Nah...it's just a stick, a couple of rudder pedals, and a few power levers - how hard could it be?

I'll guarantee you a poor user experience with that approach, both in the plane and with any AI writing software :-)

The secret to getting quality content from your AI writer

Signing up to a ai writer tool takes just a few seconds, but getting to know the tools and their limitations is key to avoiding frustration and creating content that sucks.

Whatever tool you decide is your best ai writer, we highly recommend you to learn how to interact with the AI as shit-in equals shit out.

Most people that get disappointed about AI text generators use less than a minute before they make up their mind that "this sucks." Well, they miss out, and they don't even know it.

In our experience, there are a few things that will help you generate articles and content both faster and return way better quality content.

  • Using the instruct feature will get way better quality content back from the AI, but you need to be clear and concise. "Generate text for a landing page about a shampoo called Beutifull hair."
  • Ask the AI to create a bullet list "Give me five reasons not to jaywalk."
  • When using rephrase tool, do not try to rephrase a whole article. That will not work, and it doesn't even make sense. Rephrase a sentence at a time.

Is the AI generating original content?

We don't want to get into the nitty-gritty details in this article because it can quickly turn into technical fluff that doesn't make any sense for most people. So let's keep it on a high level.

The AI has been trained on text from about 10% of all websites worldwide. That is a lot of text. When it receives instructions or text, it always predicts what the next word it should write. Simply it is guessing what word would be most likely to be next.

Doing this word-by-word, and a couple of milliseconds later, you got yourself a unique sentence or paragraph.

AI calculates probabilty of next word
In the example above, you can see how the AI finds that the next word should be "can" with a probability of 71,26%, while the word "is" only had a probability of 25,17%. Therefore the next word after "Jaywalking" in this example was "can."

A common misunderstanding is that the AI fetches information from the internet. While the AI has been trained on data from the internet it does not use search engine results to render you results.

As mentioned above it creates content by guessing what would be the next word. Therefore, the AI content can safely be used in your content strategy, on your landing pages, or wherever you need any content production without being afraid of copywriting issues.

And just as a side note, you legally own the content that the AI creates.

In conclusion

Using Artificial intelligence to generate content is a great way to avoid the blank screen or writer's block, saving you time and money. If you haven't tried it yet, we highly recommend it - it's just a few clicks away :-)

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